We’ve helped over 128758 people successfully enter into the United States. We can help you too!


At GovAssist, we include far more than just submitting your electronic visa applications. From our easy to use forms and pre-submission review to our value-added services like travel concierge and complimentary trip protection warranty, you will quickly see why thousands of travelers have chosen to use services from GovAssist for all their international travel visa needs.

We offer specialized assistance in applying for visas, ensuring you have the highest possible chances of approval. Each application starts by being hand reviewed by an agent who will be your personal assistant throughout the process, helping you with all your travel and application needs. We consider our agents to be the key advantage that separates us from the competition, and we believe that shortly after you apply you will see why too.

The process of applying for international visas can be difficult, time consuming, and prone to mistakes and pitfalls – including many that can occur after an application is submitted and processed. Let us take the stress out of travel with our inclusive service packages that handle all the paperwork and hassle, so you can focus on what you want – enjoying your travel experience!


Applying for an international travel Visa is an extremely important task. One that can ruin an entire trip with a single mistake. Since we know how important getting your visa promptly submitted and approved, we allocate the full focus and expertise of our highly qualified agents time to fully review all the details of your application prior to submission. Having reviewed thousands of applications before, they know precisely what to look for and help fix common errors and work with you to address issues with your application prior to government submission, making sure everything is perfect so that you don’t get rejected or experience processing delays.

Not only does our review raise your chance of approval, it also saves time. Many of the questions of government forms are confusing and many common answers will lead to manual review, interview and documentation requests that can lead to delay and rejection of applications – not to mention a lot of stress. With our finely tuned processes, we help lower the chances of this happening to you, and help you quickly resolve any issues that do occur.


Travel issues can happen at any time, with little or no warning. That’s why our support team are available 24/7 to handle all your application and travel needs.

You need more details related to travelling to US before or after the application is processed? Not to worry, our 24/7 support team is always available on ticket or chat to shed some light and make things easy for you.

We have invested into smart support systems and grown an amazing customer support team here, which can assist you with a variety of tasks, problems or even general advice and questions. Since they are trained by us and know the process inside out, they will also promptly process your application and will make sure they eliminate common delays, so you save some more time.


Even the best preparation is no guarantee that issues won’t occur. To address this, we add complimentary travel protection warranties with all purchases.

In the rare event that you use our services, you get your Visa approved, and then the border officer declines your entry into the country at port of entry or departure airport, we will reimburse your expenses, up to $1000. This can cover plane tickets, transportation and hotel/accommodation, if the companies refuse to refund your costs or have a non-refund policy in place.

Please reach out to our amazing support team if you think you are eligible to file a claim and they can assist you 24/7. Full details available here.


After we have submitted your DS-160 application and we are waiting for confirmation, our customer support agents will go the extra mile and will make sure you understand the complete process.

They will start by offering a tailored interview guide and then extra assistance on what are the next steps and generally what to expect.

This extra preparation will raise your chances of success and alert you to what you need to be aware of. When you already know the most common questions and you understand the role of the border officer, who just wants to get to know you a bit better, then the whole process becomes easier and stress free.


In an increasingly busy world, we value the time spent on holidays, or with the loved ones even more, so let us do the hard work and you just sit back and enjoy with our travel concierge services.

When you purchase from us, we can plan an amazing trip for you, complete with hotel reservations, attractions to visit during the day and exciting dinner plans to suit your taste during the evenings or nights.

Before or after the VISA is approved, our trained travel specialists are readily available to discuss all the fine details and tailor your travel plans, so you get the most out of your travel or vacation.


Should your application be denied for any reason

We know that sometimes small errors can happen even with the best preparation, so should your application be denied for any reason, all of our services include a one-time courtesy reprocessing of your application, completely free of charge, for the event when you included incorrect personal information in the form.

We are committed to providing an exceptional service and appreciate the trust you put in us and we don’t take this vote of confidence lightly. We will do everything we can, to make sure your application will get approved and that you will have an amazing visit!


With a DS-160 based nonimmigrant Visa application, a little known but very important tool to boost approval rates is a letter of invitation. While many people do not know that they should have one of these, a letter from a US based friend, family member, or business contact you are visiting will greatly increase the chance of a visa approval.

Unfortunately, just knowing who to ask is only half the battle. These invitation letters need to be in specific formats for the US embassy or consulate to properly accept them. We have taken the stress out of this process and made it easy with our invitation letter generator tool. Simply enter the email of your friend/family member or business contact, and we will prepare a full template ready for them to digitally sign, that you can then print and bring to your embassy interview.